How To Refill Disposable Vapes: 3 Recommended Steps To Read Up


The general concept of disposable vapes are for them to be used till the electronic liquid in them is drained and then discarded. Although there are types of vapes that can be refilled for latter use, but for some distinct ones like the 100% disposable devices, there’s a high risk of damage beyond repair if tampered with. A better option any day would be to replace your vapes once it’s finished. However it doesn’t rule out the fact that there are ways to refill a vape. Continue to read more.

When disposable vapes get used up, there are usually two cases involved. The first is an option of buying a new cartridge and the second is filling up the old one back. The goal on each choice made would be achieving success in the refill process without breaking the device. For a smooth process, a good understanding of the parts of the device must be acquired and then, the right material should be obtained before the operation commences.

This article will go through the recommended steps for refilling disposable vapes and pods. Depending on the type of vape, the processes could vary, so it’s advisable to do adequate research. Let’s proceed!

Step 1: Open the Vape

Before you set out to open the vape, you should have a comprehensive study of its parts. Although there are different parts depending on the type of vape you purchase, in this article we’ll consider the three basic components. In every vape, there’s the cartridge, the atomizer and the source of energy (in most cases, the battery).

After identification of these parts, the process begins with the unscrewing of the vape. The mouthpiece is rotated from its original position till it’s loosened completely. Please observe here that if the mouthpiece doesn’t come off, then there’s a possibility that the vape is not meant to be refilled. On completion of the opening process, the unscrewed mouthpiece is kept safe and free from dust before the next step.

Step 2: Fill The Cartridge

A cartridge can be replaced when you wish to change the flavor of your vape pen or pod. However, in cases where it’s the same flavor you intend to use, a refill can be made using a syringe or an eye dropper. The syringe is more effective due to its slender nature and ease of control. Collect a measurable quantity of the vape liquid from the purchased bottle and drop into the cartridge. Be careful not to spill or overflow the cartridge to avoid damage to the device.

Step 3: Couple Back

Finally, insert the cartridge back into the bottom of the vape pod and screw the mouthpiece on. Screw gently till it’s firm enough without exerting too much force. Then, proceed to test your finished work.


Refilling vapes, although economical, can be quite risky as most vapes are unsafe to refill. These vapes are usually designed to be disposable and any attempt to renew the liquid in them can ruin the device completely. However, the process is not impossible and we’ve outlined some recommended ways in this article for you to read. Follow the steps in its order and be sure to continue the fun.


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