Buying Guide For Hidden Camera With Audio


According to American psychologist Abraham Maslow, humans are programmed to seek safety needs after meeting all physiological needs. Security is an important aspect of our lives, and security cameras have played an important role in helping us feel safe. Security cameras have evolved over the years from a large, expensive camera with poor picture quality to a small, hidden camera with audio features.

Before setting out to buy these mini security cameras, there are certain factors that need to be considered. In no order of importance, these are the factors to guide you when buying a hidden camera with audio.

Audio capabilities

The first place to start is to ensure the hidden camera has good quality audio. This is because many security cameras are not fitted with audio features. The audio quality should also be taken into consideration, unless you want a recording that’s hard to listen to.

Audio quality can also be affected by sound distractions. For instance, you’re better off placing the camera on the opposite side of a television since the TV sounds can easily conflict with what you want to record.


The whole point of getting a hidden camera is to keep it concealed. It’s no surprise that most of these hidden cameras come with a black color for easy blending with backgrounds. Save the fanciful colors for larger, open security cameras. These hidden cameras are designed to be fitted into objects like bulbs, pens, eyeglasses, etc. Although black hides perfectly in most backgrounds, ensure whatever your chosen color it doesn’t stand out.

Location to place it

Where do you intend to place the hidden camera? What do you hope to watch? As a follow-up of why aesthetics shouldn’t matter, the type and kind of hidden camera with audio to buy would depend on where you’ll place it. For instance, a hidden camera installed in a light bulb has a more general view of a room than one located in a pen. Since the angle of coverage differs, you’ll need an audio features that’s able to capture sounds irrespective of the location.

Power supply

A good hidden camera should be able to record for long periods. They are able to achieve this as a result of a power supply. The duration of the power supply will depend on the source. Hidden cameras are either battery or electricity powered. The advantage of battery powered cameras is that they are easier to conceal. However, you’ll need to change or charge the batteries occasionally. Using electrical power would mean you’ll have wires to conceal too. Choose a power source that will not compromise the concealing nature of the camera.


Unlike large, expensive security cameras, these mini cameras are relatively cheaper and can be purchased under an average budget. They come in different designs, so it’s easy to find one that fits into your purpose.


There are several reasons why hidden cameras need to be installed. If you’re looking to record video with audio, you’ll need a good hidden camera with audio that can capture quality sounds. Since they come in different designs, you should get one that easily blends with the background where it’ll be placed. Unlike in the past, you can get these mini cameras for a relatively affordable price.


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