Mifo O5: Does it really have a 100h-battery?


With an astounding 100-hour battery capacity, the mifo O5 Plus earphones go further than any other earbuds. Its comfy, unobtrusive design achieves amazing sound insulation while providing a great basis for much more than sufficient sound quality at a mid-tier cost.


The Mifo O5 are cordless earphones. These earbuds link to your smartphone or some other music device through Bluetooth, eliminating the need for wires and giving you a complete range of motion.

The earbuds include a charging dock (that also serves as a travel case when not being used), and they have a stated playback life of roughly seven hours as well as a standby period of 100 hours from the case.

Aside from that, the spec sheet is rather impressive. They use the most recent Bluetooth 5.0 technology for improved connections and data transmission. Furthermore, they also incorporated certain settings into the earphones themselves, which ensures you will spend less time fumbling for your smartphone.

Analysis Of The Mifo O5 Earbud: Style And Craftsmanship

The Mifo O5 gets high marks for design since, for a sub-$100 earbud, it looks amazing and is considerably more expensive than anticipated.

The outside layer is made out of metal, whereas the inside plate is made of a smooth, strong polymer that is well shaped to fit a variety of ear shapes. All of it is carefully put together along with high-quality components. They’re a little boring to look at, however, they are quite well crafted.

The earphones are also quite comfy. You may use them in the gym or while jogging without any problems.

Operation And Functions

To begin with, the devices are water-resistant. That way you won’t be worried if you do get trapped inside a downpour or are constantly utilizing them while exercising. The Mifo O5 also boasts built-in mics for speaking and four controls for managing audio and calls.

This earbud is simple to use. It only takes a few moments to link it to a smartphone. With a long press of the right earphone’s primary trigger, the earbuds enter connection mode. This will link them through your phone’s or laptop’s settings menu.

Audio Quality

True wireless earbuds’ audio quality isn’t perfect yet, but it has made huge strides in the last 2 years.

The Mifo seems to do a good job of reproducing the song, yet it sounds stretched and lacks vitality. The tune is generally flat, with little focus on the bottom end, which may suit certain people’s tastes.

Having said that, the audio on the Mifo is still pretty nice. And then when you consider the cost and the complexity of the features that this model provides, it’s difficult to complain.

The subwoofer is light and fast enough. The great news is that these react nicely to customized EQ adjustments. Using them, you can greatly boost the bass while also pushing the treble along to give your song an additional intensity and dimension.


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