Types of Pressure Washer Hose Reels


Pressure washers are, undeniably, one of the most essential tools for several cleaning purposes. But to use a pressure washer productively, some accessories are needed, like a perfect nozzle, a suitable hose, and a reel to safely store that hose! It’s hard at first to establish what qualities to choose in a hose reel (a cylinder upon which a hose is wound), and which hose reel can be the perfect option for you.

Types of Hose Reels for a Pressure Washer

There are two basic types of hose reels for pressure washers: manual and automatic (if you are more of an innovative person looking for an automatic pressure washer, check out Girrafetools,auto reels). Here, we will discuss the different major types of hose reels, so that you can easily select one for yourself.

 1. Hand-crank Reel

A manual hose reel is the still the first choice for many people out there, and for the right reasons! Manual or Hand-crank hose reels give more sharp control on the hose since you are its only master. It is more cost-effective and long-lasting. These hose reels are the simplest of all types. They are considered to be the classical type of hose reels.

2. Spring Driven Reel

Spring-driven hose reels are automatic. Although costly, some people prefer them because of their quick action and ease of use. Enabling quick retraction and rewinding of hose, they are based on a spring-loading phenomenon. Spring tension builds in the reel when the hose is extended, but when the work is done, the hose itself recoils back into the reel, thanks to the tension built up in the spring. Such reels are gaining more popularity over time.

3. Motor Driven Reel

These are mostly electric hose reels, although some motors are based on torque, hydraulic, and other mechanisms. Such reels are efficient and convenient because their energy demand is very low and they can easily rewind a hose. Their cost mostly lies between that of Hand-crank hose reels and Spring-driven hose reels.

4. Stainless-steel Reel

Heavy-duty stainless-steel reels are the most durable reels you can get for your pressure washer’s hose. They are more common for industrial purposes due to their rust and corrosion resistant properties, and are much affordable compared to other material of their kind given their exceptional properties.

5. Mobile Reel

Resembling a hand truck trolley, a portable or mobile hose reel can be an affordable and comfortable choice for a pressure water hose. Although they aren’t much common for pressure washers yet, but there is no reason people shouldn’t use them, especially since they cost lesser than many hose reels in the market. These reels often possess a manual crank for retracting the hose; also, they can be easily moved due to their bearing caster wheels.

6. Air Hose Reel

Air hose reels are also very popular. They come in a variety of forms — stationary, ceiling-mounted, mobile, or wall-mounted. They are quite durable and flexible. Air hose reels diminish the chances of any

tripping. Air hose reels work smoothly and have a good retraction ability. Such reels are used for British Standard pipe as well as National pipe thread.


There is a large variety of hose reels available in the market, but each reel has its special properties; some are more suitable for household use while others are recommended for industrial settings, some reels are even preferred for pressure washers of a specific pressure. Choose the hose reel you think is the most efficient, affordable, and convenient.


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